Roommate Questionnaire

Regardless of whether it's your best friend's cousin or a perfect stranger, you should take precautions before signing a contract with a new roommate. It is important for both security purposes, as well as peace of mind.

This questionnaire will aid in making the decision on whether anindividual is the right fit for you.

  1. A roommate is:
    • A friend just waiting to be made.
    • Someone to see and not hear.
    • A body of flesh that will cut down on my rent.
  2. When you finish eating, you:
    • Don't need to do the dishes, because you did them while you were cooking. Multitasker!
    • Put your dishes in the sink and get to them later.
    • Leave your dishes at the table.
  3. From a molehillinto a mountain, the size of the pile of dirty clothes you leave in a heap at given time can be described as: ____________.
  4. Yes or No: I am a smoker.
  5. You just finished off the last roll of toilet paper. What's your next move?
    • Make a mad dash to the grocery store and get some more.
    • Write it on your to-do list.
    • Do nothing… That's what roommates are for!
  6. What is your relationship with drugs?
    • Just say no!
    • I dabble occasionally but stay away from the hard stuff.
    • I party like a rock star every weekend!
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how strongly do you agree with this statement: I always pay my rent on time; you don't even need to ask: _____.
  8. My current relationship status is:
    • Single and ready to mingle!
    • Almost engaged, but not ready to move in.
    • A loner, and not looking.
  9. Your roommate just ate the delicious leftovers that you had taken the precious time to label. You:
    • Pelt him or her with rocks.
    • Try and have a civilized conversation, where you passively aggressively ask them to adjust their behaviour.
    • Eat their leftovers at the next available opportunity.
  10. Yes or No: I mind if my roommate doesn't tell me about a guest who'll be staying with us for a while.
  11. Cleaning the house/apartment should be:
    • A job that roommates take turns doing.
    • A task that calls for teamwork.
    • Not my problem!
  12. On a scale of 1 to 10, how unacceptable is a loud TV late at night: ____.
  13. You see a tie or some other "Do Not Disturb" sign on your roommate's door. Your likely next course of action is:
    • To hang out in the living room. No big deal.
    • To do everything in your power to cause a disturbance.
    • Get the heck out of the house. Awkward.
  14. Are you an early riser, or a night owl?
  15. Yes or No: Are you a hoarder?