Rental Quotes

This exercise must be a balance between cost and quality of service provided. You should get more than one quote and then think about the information you receive. Obtaining it will take minutes; making your decision might take a little longer.

You should start by thinking about the basics. The first thing is the size of the load which will determine the best truck for the job taking into account the distance of the job involved; these are the main two factors that will decide the quotations you can expect. It does not mean there will not be variations in quotations however and you can get those quotations by either

Going to comparison website


Logging on to specific websites that specialize in truck rental with search engines able to help with both

Comparison Websites

These websites provide the quickest way to get an idea of the range of costs involved.

Good moving truck companies like U-Haul, Penske, Budget and others will respond as long as you can supply them with some basic information:

  • Zip codes of the current location of your property and its intended destination.
  • The size of the property involved.
  • Personal information for contact records, typically including your email.

You need to remember a quotation will just be a good estimate because it is based on fairly general information at the initial stage. It is an exercise that will help you get a good idea of who looks to be the most competitive when you go a stage further and are actually ready to move.

Moving Company Websites

Closer to the day you need these services you are advised to make contact with specific websites, possibly the ones you found on a comparison site or alternatively a website offered by the search engines. They will require the information provided above but also the projected dates involved.

Look for Value

The Internet is a great marketing tool. Companies realize this and it may be possible to find coupons or discounts from rental companies that can save you money. This may be a seasonal thing when there is less business or discounts on high mileage jobs. There is generally a time limit on such deals but they may fit in with your needs. If you are interested then you can sign up with companies so that you receive details of their promotions by email. There may be local advertising or you may like to ring around. Perhaps you may even get a discount if you provide details of a friend likely to be needing services in the coming weeks and months.

Moving Checklist

Anyone who moves from one property to another needs to be organized. A checklist should prevent your forgetting something when you are busy; if there is nothing missing when you are finally settled in your new home you will have done well. Planning gets easier with experience but who wants to be on the move all the time?

Here's a few tips.

  1. Know the size of your new home: You need to know that everything will fit; even that you can get things through the door. That means taking measurements. Any company you consider hiring as a mover will want to know.
  2. Packing: You will only be able to pack your things properly if you have boxes for the move, tape and packaging such as bubble wrap to place between different items. Every box should be properly marked, especially if they are otherwise identical.
  3. Room by Room: The most organized way to pack is to do it by the room and mark the boxes accordingly.
  4. Valuables: Whether these have monetary or emotional value or they are important documentation these things should be together and easily found.
  5. Labels: Labels are the easiest way to identify boxes when it comes to unpacking. The labels will include details of the room in which the items will be placed.
What are my alternatives on moving trucks?

The size of the truck you will require depends upon the size of your load. If you are merely moving furniture from a single room then a 10 to 15 foot cabin should suffice. Two rooms will be slightly larger, 15 to 17 feet. Three bedrooms will require 17 to 22 feet. The bigger the load the larger the truck needed.

Do I drive myself, or get a driver?

This is a difficult question and depends on the circumstances. If you accompany a driver, loading and unloading will be easier. If you lack confidence to drive a rental then a driver which you know to be capable certainly makes sense. If it is a big job perhaps professional movers is the best way to proceed.

Is a special license needed?

No. Rental trucks are not regarded as specialist so ordinary licenses are sufficient.

What are the limits on driving cross-country?

Major rental companies have many branches across the country. You simply need to inform the company of your ultimate destination and arrange for where to return the truck.

Do I need special insurance?

It is unlikely that you will be covered to drive a rental truck on your ordinary car insurance policy. There are several reasons for that and you should check the situation and definitely take out the appropriate cover.