How To Find A Roommate

While there are plenty of ways to find a roommate, including via online finders, the most important consideration is making sure that you choose someone compatible. Allow yourself sufficient time to search and be prepared to interview prospective roommates. This is a really important step as you will be sharing your home and need tofeel comfortable with whoever you choose.

The first three things to consider are:

  • Do want to live with a male or female
  • The monthly/weekly rent you need to charge
  • How long of a lease you want your roommate to sign

Once those factors are decided, your search for a roommate will be considerably narrowed and easier to navigate.

If you plan on posting a roommate wanted advertisement, consider a face-to-face interview as this will provide an opportunity tolearn more about a potential live-in candidate's personality and habits before signing a contract.

Finding a Roommate

Finding a roommate is no easy task, and it may take time to find someone suitable. However, a careful search is essential to ensure peace of mind and yourpersonal security.

Key elements to consider are:

  • Financial status - you need to be sure they can contribute their share of the rent and utilities.
  • Age - finding a roommate of a similar age range can make life more comfortable.
  • Gender - frequently roommates prefer to live with people of the same gender.

There are also other factors in a roommate such as a senior preference or sexual orientation. Read more below about how to find a great roommate.

Choosing a Roommate by Age

When putting up a roommate wanted ad, consider the benefits of sharing with someone who is in the same age range as yourself.You are likely to have more in common with each other than someone who is significantly younger or older.

If you are considering a roommate from a differed age bracket here are some questions you should consider asking:

  • Do you consider it important to have a noise curfew at night?
  • How comfortable are you with frequent company or house parties?
  • Do you approve of visitors who make themselves at home?
  • What is your relationship with alcohol and recreational drugs?
  • Do you want to set a schedule or designated times for the use of common areas?
Conducting a Senior Roommate Search

There are specific senior roommate finders for more mature and elderly individuals looking for housemates. These are designed for anyone over the age of 50 and many sites offer free membership services. For seniors looking for roommates, using a senior-specific roommate finder is a hassle-free way, of finding someone who can:

  • Assist with housing costs
  • Help you maintain independence
  • Aid in finding companionship

A specialist senior roommate finder allows an elderly person to find a companion who will fit with their lifestyle. That said, age is notalways a detrimental factor in a roommate search, as senior roommates still enjoy a healthy, happy living experience and, in fact, many are lots of fun.

Find a Roommate by Gender

Living with a person of the same sex may make you feel more at ease with the useof a shared bathroom, walking around in your pyjamas or having the ability to engage in like-minded conversations.

There can be more boundaries when sharing with a member of the opposite sex so if you choose to live with a roommate of the opposite sex, make sure you feel comfortable with the idea first. That said, there are many successful roommate stories with people of the opposite sex living together. So choose what feels right for you.

Picking a Roommate by Relationship Status

It's important to enquire about relationship status simply because if a potential roommate has a significant other, they may want to have sleepovers.This situation can present potential problems, especially if you're living in small quarters. It canalso mean asignificant raise in utility costs, so it's best to discuss this up front before a roommate signs a lease with you.

If budget is not a factor, and you live in a spacious home, consider sharing the household rules with your roommate's significant other, so they can contribute rent as well.

How to Find a Roommate By Sexual Orientation

Regardless of your sexual orientation using a roommate search, to filter out roommate candidates with specific sexual orientations is common, and you should take this into consideration and remember there may be strict guidelines on the site.

If you are looking for a gay roommate, there are popular gay roommate search websites with more than 200,000 registered members, allowing you to place ads to rent out a room. When using a gay roommate search, make sure to specify whether you are looking for a long-term roommate, or to rent on a month-to-month basis.

In today's culturally diverse society, something as simple as a gay roommate finder can make life much easier for individuals with specific preferences when on the apartment hunt.

Looking for a Roommate by Profession

It's always a good idea to carefully consider the kind of schedule you would like your roommate to keep. You may prefer someone who has a lifestyle and occupation similar to your own.

If you are a college student, it's a good idea to consider living with another student because you'll have a shared understanding of the difficulties of being in school. Being with a fellow student can make it easier to respect the need for quiet, study time and space.

If you are a working professional you may like to choose somebody who has similar working hours, or you may prefer someone who works an opposite shift so you have more time to be at home alone.

Other work scenarios to consider include:

  • A roommatewho works a freelance schedule.
  • A roommate who works the night shift.
  • A roommate who works from a home office.
  • A roommate who works multiple jobs and does not have a regular schedule.
Looking for a Roommate by Financial Status

Give careful consideration to the financial status of potential applicants as this person will have to split rent costs. It is crucial they are in a position to pay the rent on time and without issue.

If you are unsure about their financial status, it is perfectly acceptable to request:

  • A credit report.
  • Proof of employment.
  • Multiple character references with contact information.

It's also vital to collect a security deposit along with 2 months rent upfront. This will cover the first and last month, that way you're not left with any surprise bills if they happen to leave without notice.

It is also wise to create a clause in the lease deeming your new roommate solely responsible for their portion of the rent.

Deciding on a Roommate Who Owns a Pet

Make sure you feel comfortable with the idea of a pet prior to welcoming a domesticated animal into your home. It is also essential to check what the property's pet policy is before decided to allow a pet. There could be excess fees to pay, and there are hygiene and noise considerations. If your roommate has a pet for medical reasons, require a copy of a doctor's note or service pet certification prior to moving in.

You should also consider that you might end up acquiring some of the responsibilities that go along with being a pet owner, even if the pet is not yours.

Choosing a Roommate by Household Maintenance Habits

A new roommate means accepting someone else into your personal living space. Mutual respect is the key to a healthy roommate relationship. Agreement needs to be made about responsibilities for shared tasks and areas of the house that may include:

  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Tidying up the bathroom
  • Turning the TV and lights off at night
  • Air conditioner and heating usage

It's a good idea to draft up a checklist of chores and duties that works for you, and then share it with your roommate to add to or modify. This way youboth have something concrete to refer to that will help keep your house in order and your relationship on a smooth course.

Roommate Questionnaire

Whether its your best friend's cousin or a perfect stranger, you must take precautions before signing a contract with a new roommate for both security purposes, as well as peace of mind.

  1. A roommate is:
    • A friend just waiting to be made.
    • Someone to see and not hear.
    • A body of flesh that will cut down on my rent.
  2. When you finish eating, you:
    • Don't need to do the dishes, because you did them while you were cooking. Multitasker!
    • Put your dishes in the sink and get to them later.
    • Leave your dishes at the table.
Are there services to help me find a roommate?

Yes, there are several roommate finder services available online. They feature compatibility surveys and other simple forms for completion to help you find the best roommate for your needs.

Does my renters' insurance cover my roommate's belongings?

No, unless your roommate is specifically listed on your renter's insurance policy;they will not be covered.

Should I get a background check on my potential new roommate?

It is always recommended you run a background check before accepting anyone into your home. This is for your own personal security and peace of mind.

How should my roommate and I split the cost of utilities?

The best way is to split all utilities equally. You should have an upfront conversation and state this in the initial interview, so there are no surprises. The details should also be included in the written agreement that is signed with your roommate before they move in.

Do I need to get a sublease to rent to a roommate?

If your roommate is taking over the responsibilities of your lease, either by paying partial rent or all of the rent, you must have that person sign a sublease.