Postal Address Change

Once you have scheduled everything for your move-in day, you should make a checklist so that you have a list of important places where your new address information needs to be updated. Before you send out these notifications to anyone, you will need to file a USPS address change with the post office. This is incredibly important for both individuals who are moving as well as families as you will need to change your USPS address so that your mail can be successfully delivered to your new home.

Change USPS Addresses for Families

It is often not difficult to change your USPS address through the post office and there are a couple of ways that you can go about updating your information. Keep in mind that when you apply for a postal change with your family, you need to provide your full name as well as the names of any family members who will be living with you in your new residence. If everyone in the family shares the same last name, then only one address change form will be needed to be filled out. However, for any different last names within your family, a separate form will be needed for each.

If your family is moving to a new address, it is important that no members of your household miss any important mail that needs to be forwarded. Some of the most important reasons to change your USPS address include:

  • Receiving important documents from different government organizations
  • Collecting paychecks from employers
  • Receiving important tax information from the IRS
  • Collecting benefits that you are eligible for from the Social Security Administration
  • Obtaining records from state or educational institutions
  • Receiving all of your monthly bills regarding banking, credit cards and insurance
  • Getting medical updates
  • Receiving important personal mail from friends and loved ones
  • Obtaining all of your packages and subscriptions in a timely manner
Change USPS Addresses for Individuals

It is quick and easy to complete a USPs address change for an individual. You can begin your post office address change by going online and filling out the necessary forms to change your address or you can visit the post office as soon as possible to change your address in person.