Top 5 Problems with Cable Internet

1. Horrible service

Waiting on the support line for an hour+, getting no assistance when you finally do get to talk to someone, automated systems that send you in circles…these are all common features of the modern approach to service by cable companies.

2. Improper charges

Need a technical visit to check your line? It's usually free. But sometimes companies will charge you (without telling you).

3. Scheduling installation

Everyone's had to deal with the ridiculous 5 hour window stuff. But companies also often fail to even show, and end up calling at the end of the day saying they need to reschedule.

4. Slower speed than advertised

Whether due to sharing with a high density area, or the result of high bandwidth users on the same subnet, your speed could suffer greatly on most economy packages.

5. Faulty equipment

Improperly installed lines, modems that are broken, and lower than acceptable signal strength are all common.