Things your truck rental company won't tell you.

1. Reservations don't mean certainty.

Up to 40% of truck rental reservations can fall through because of truck unavailability and other issues.

2. The budget prices advertised rarely apply.

There are many catches to the low prices often advertised. They often only apply to local moves. Companies also tack on mileage on top of the promoted prices. Finally, the prices are generally dynamic, meaning they fluctuate based on demand.

3. The hardest time to rent is when you need to rent.

The busiest period for truck rental companies is usually at the end of the money, seeing as to how leases typically being on the 1st. As a result, expect truck availability to suffer during the last few days of the month.

4. We subcontract A LOT.

Because large companies promote proximity as one of their main features, they often hire smaller companies to fill orders. This results in a lot of unknowns, and often leads to lower than expected quality.