Alarm System

The easiest way to enter your home during a break-in is through the windows and main doors. Any home security system that you have should also come equipped with safety sensors at the entry points of your ground-level doors and windows. You should also consider getting sensors that detect when glass has been broken as the magnetic alarm sensors can only detect when a window gets opened. Sound alarm security systems have been a staple in American homes for decades and they are often the only thing you need to deter break-ins. They are also very cost effective and can make you feel more secure when you are at home or away. The latest technology today can provide even more home security options to today's renters and homeowners. Learning exactly how these systems work can give you a better idea of what alarm system is right for you.

The Importance of Home Alarms

Of the two million break-ins that occur, about 70% of those happen to residential homes. This is one reason why having a proper alarm system is so important. With today's technology, you can have anything from a basic sound alarm to video surveillance.

Although a sound alarm is very simple, it is very effective. Below we will take a look at why a sound alarm system is one of the best security systems that you should consider for your home.

Sound Alarm System Features

There are quite a few components to even the most basic alarm system. By having an understanding of how each system functions, you can make a better decision about what system is right for you.

Sound alarm systems usually feature a control panel, door and window sensors, a high-decibel alarm, and property signs or window stickers.

Control Panels for Sound Alarms

Each component in your alarm system has an important role in keeping your home as safe as possible. The control panel allows you to adjust the alarm code as well as the times when the alarm is activated. Some homes equip multiple control panels so that they have access to their alarm systems from multiple points within their house.

Door and Window Sensors for Burglar Alarms

Door and window sensors can be controlled via the control panel. When the system is activated, the sensors will show that all entryways are secure. Once these sensors detect an opened door or window, the alarm will sound and alert inside residents of an intruder.

High-Decibel Alarm Sounds

A loud, high-pitched alarm will sound when the security circuit has been broken. These alarms are usually so loud that they will not only alert the residents inside, but they will alert nearby neighbors as well. If an alarm monitoring company is used with your system, they will also be notified of the break-in and can contact law enforcement.

Yard Sign and Window Stickers for Alarm Systems

Most sound alarm systems will come with a yard sign or stickers to place on your window to warn intruders that your home is armed with an alarm system.

Sound Alarm System Alternatives

There are other options available if you are looking for something more intricate than a simple sound alarm.

10 Home Security Hacks

Your humble abode is the one place you should always feel comfortable, and safe. When you leave the house, to travel for instance, you want to take extra precautions to make sure that you're not giving bad guys the red flags they look for when it comes time to pick a house to break into. Listed here are 10 different ways you can protect your house -- so you can enjoy your trip.

  1. Don't rely on old locks
    One of the first things you should do after buying a new home is to upgrade the locks in your doors and windows. Upgraded locks make sure that you're the only family with access to the keys, and are much harder to break than older locks.
  2. Don't look like an easy target
    One of the biggest reasons burglars will enter into a home is because they see valuables inside while they are looking through a window. If you're planning a trip, make sure to keep your valuables out of sight of the windows for increased safety
What are my home security options?

With today's technology, there are many options to choose from including sound alarms, motion sensors, video surveillance cameras and wireless recording systems.

What does a motion detector sense?

This depends on the type of motion detector that you are using. Motion detectors can detect vibrations, body heat or send out microwaves pulsations that reflect off of nearby objects.

Do I need home surveillance cameras?

It is highly recommended and one of the most effective security options because you can see what is going on around your home at all times.

How do I watch a security camera feed?

Depending on the type of system that you are using, you should have the option to watch your feed from your smart phone, online on your computer or from monitors that have been set up within your home.

Can I set my alarm on or off from outside of my home?

Some systems offer apps where you can monitor your systems directly from your smartphone.