5 Pitfalls to be Aware of When Storing Valuables

Keeping valuable items safe is a major priority during any move. However, while there are many proven methods for storing valuables, there are a few common pitfalls as well to avoid during a move. Review the below, so you can be readily prepared for your storage unit.

1. Not getting insurance: Any valuables that will be transported or stored in areas where they could be potentially damaged, devalued or aged should be insured. Many times homeowner's insurance will cover items in the home while owners are moving or otherwise traveling. Check your homeowner's insurance policy, or research companies that offer insurance for valuables when storing or moving.

2. Not using the right packing materials: How valuables are packed during storage has a lot to do with their long-term condition. The best option for storing valuables is to store them in their original boxes (if available). Otherwise, make sure to buy the right size box to keep the items from shifting around and getting damaged, or buy proper packing materials, so items stay in place during storage.

3. Not treating breakables with proper care: For breakable items, make sure to use extra padding. Bubble wrap is great for wrapping breakable items, as is newspaper. Make sure to label the box holding the wrapped breakable items as "Fragile" to remind whoever is handling it to be careful.

4. Not Taping Frames: Using masking tape, put a big X across any piece of glass in a frame or painting. The tape will prevent the glass from shattering, and will save you time and money if you need to schedule a visit for repairs.

5. Not taking inventory: Make sure to document every valuable using pictures or an organized list. This makes it easier to identify your stored items or file insurance claims.